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Face was the original host of Nick Jr. He first appeared on September 5, 1994. Face met with Blue from Blue's
Blue Face

Face and Blue

Clues occasionally. Face can change colors and voice. He naturally is nice to everyone he sees. Face is a good-natured face. Face was last seen on October 8, 2004.


Face has black eyes with white reflection in them. His smile is white. His color varies. In 1994 -95, his mouth was slightly bigger than his eyes, and from 2001 - 02, his pupils would often move, and he barely stayed still. His most notable look has his eyes and mouth the same size. In 2003, Face was given a new look, that added eyebrows and a chin.
Nick Jr00:31

Nick Jr. Face Talks About Himself (1994)

Face's television debut. (September 5, 1994)

He was also given a dj rapper voice. Face also made a surprise visit on teen nick in The 90s are all that as a clock.


  • Face was replaced with Piper O'Possum.
  • Original Nick Jr. games starring face are featured on in a special center where cancelled show games are stored.

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