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Gardening for Kids with Madi

Nick Jr. Noggin Gardening for Kids with Madi Logo Original

Children's television series
Created by
Phillip Tanner
Country of origin

Gardening for Kids with Madi is a short-form children's television series originally airing on Noggin and Nick Jr. Australia.


A young gardener named Madi encourages viewers to garden.


  • Madi is a young gardener.
  • Naomi is Madi's cousin.
  • Starsky is Madi's pet rabbit.


One season, consisting of twenty episodes, was produced.

List of shorts

  • Tools for the Garden
  • Grow Your Own Salad
  • Rock Garden for a Rock Concert
  • At the Nursery
  • Making Compost
  • Working Bee
  • Big Ideas for a Little Garden
  • Botanic Gardens Adventure
  • Sandpit for Conor
  • Off to the Show
  • Native Plants
  • Cubby with Dad and Cam
  • Worm Farm
  • Herbs Herbs Herbs
  • The Great Glass Pyramid
  • Garden for the School Yard
  • Rabbit Hutch for Starsky
  • Flower Market
  • A Visit to the Orchard
  • Bird Bath
Short-form series
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Australian series
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