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Gullah Gullah Island

Gullah Gullah Logo

Children's television series
Created by
Maria Magdalena Perez
Kathleen Minton Capano
Kit Laybourne
Country of origin
United States
Original run
July 6, 1994 – January 9, 1998
Ages 3 to 14

Gullah Gullah Island is an American children's television series originally airing on Nickelodeon (as part of the Nick Jr. block).


Ron and Natalie teach their three children about culture along with their niece, Shaina, and Binyah Binyah the polliwog.


  • Ron - The father of the family. He is portrayed by Ron Daise.
  • Natalie - The mother of the family. She is portrayed by Natalie Daise.
  • James - Ron and Natalie's fictional son. He is portrayed by James Edward Coleman.
  • Vanessa - Ron and Natalie's fictional niece. She is portrayed by Vanessa Baden.
  • Simeon - Ron and Natalie's real-life son. He is portrayed by Simeon Othello Daise.
  • Shaina - Ron and Natalie's fictional daughter. She is portrayed by Shaina M. Freeman (seasons 1-2) and Tristin Mays (seasons 3-4).
  • Binyah Binyah - A playful polliwog. He is portrayed by Philip Garcia (seasons 1-2) and Justin Campbell (seasons 3-4) after Garcia died in a car crash.


Main article: List of Gullah Gullah Island episodes

Four seasons, consisting of sixty-six episodes, were produced.

Gullah Gullah Island

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