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Jack is a super swell mouse and the star of the show. Every day Jack gets to spend his own special time in his favorite place in the world, his backyard clubhouse. It's here that Jack meets up with his dog Mel and his best friend Mary and he gets to do what he loves best: make music, sing, dance, and have a great time! Jack's interest in learning all kinds of music leads him to discover melodies in the most unpredictable places, like finding rhythms in raindrops and musical tunes from tiny bugs. To Jack, music is the greatest. There's always something unpredictable going on in the clubhouse and Jack has a way of using music to save the day.


Jack is blue with a black nose. He has red sneakers and an orange shirt. There is red yarn on his shirt. His pants are brown.


Jack has appeared in every episode of Jack's Big Music Show.

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