The following is a list of episodes in the Allegra's Window series.


Season 1

  1. My First Day at Daycare
  2. Where's Godfrey?
  3. My Own Monster
  4. Small is Beautiful
  5. The Imaginary Zoo
  6. The Zootabaga Caper
  7. I've Got a Secret!
  8. Lots of Turkey Pox
  9. Don't Touch My Stuff!
  10. The Big Concert
  11. Puppy Power to the Rescue!
  12. When is Reed Coming Home?
  13. Bandages R Us!
  14. Read Me a Story
  15. Allegra Has a Bad Day
  16. Waiting for Grandma
  17. Nothing to Do
  18. Time Out

Season 2

  1. A Box Divided
  2. Mr. Cook Babysits
  3. Here's Poco
  4. The Big Mystery
  5. Copy Cat, Copy Cat, Go Away!
  6. A Frog Named Steve
  7. Topsy Turvy Day
  8. Kids That Go Bump in the Night
  9. Stop Making Sense
  10. Spring is Here!
  11. Best Friend Blues
  12. Beautiful Dreamers
  13. Strange Vet Follows
  14. Clean-Up Kids
  15. Mitten Weather
  16. Poco's 2 ½ Birthday
  17. Doodlehead
  18. Brother for Sale
  19. Quacky Quack
  20. The Wishing Stone
  21. I Made it Myself
  22. Play it Again, Allegra

Season 3

  1. Nest Sweet Nest
  2. Pony, No Baloney
  3. Bubble Trouble
  4. Have Your Cakes
  5. A Hero's Tail
  6. Make it Special
  7. Fun House
  8. A Tangled Web
  9. Sticky Situation
  10. Mr. Cook's Christmas
Allegra's Window
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