The following is a list of episodes in the Blue's Room series.


Season 1

  1. Snacktime Playdate
  2. Fred's Birthday
  3. Blue's Holiday Wishes
  4. It's Hug Day!
  5. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!
  6. The Power of the Alphabet

Season 2

  1. Meet Blue's Baby Brother!
  2. Blue's Farm Playdate
  3. Shape Detectives
  4. Masterpiece Museum
  5. World Travelers
  6. Away Great Playdate
  7. Sprinkles' Sleepover
  8. Little Red Riding Blue
  9. Music Stars
  10. Knights of the Snack Table
  11. Mathstronauts
Blue's Room
BluePolka DotsFredRoarySprinklesDoodleboardDress-Up ChestBoogie WoogieSilly Seat

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