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The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Bubble Guppies series.


Main characters

  • Molly is the leader of the guppies. She is voiced by Brianna Gentilella (seasons 1-2) and Bailey Gambertoglio (seasons 3-4).
  • Gil is the hyperactive co-host of the series. He is voiced by Zachary Gordon (seasons 1-2), Jacob Bertrand (season 3) and Jay Gragnani (season 4).
  • Goby is an imaginative boy. He is voiced by Jelani Imani (seasons 1-2), Marlek Walker (season 3) and Isaac Brown (season 4).
  • Deema is an overdramatic and very goofy guppy. She is voiced by Angelina Wahler (seasons 1-2) and Grace Kaufman (seasons 3-4).
  • Oona is a sweet and sensitive girl. She is voiced by Reyna Shaskan (seasons 1-2) and Tori Feinstein (seasons 3-4).
  • Nonny is an intelligent and timid guppy. He is voiced by Eamon Pirruccello (seasons 1-2) and Jet Jurgensmeyer (seasons 3-4).
  • Mr. Grouper is the guppies' enthusiastic teacher. He is voiced by Tino Insana.
  • Bubble Puppy is Gil's pet who cannot speak, but barks often. He is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • The Little Fish are the guppies' guides. They are voiced by Skai Jackson (seasons 1-2), Mia Vavasseur (season 3) and Kayla Erickson (season 4).

Recurring characters

  • Clam is a mollusk living in the classroom. He is voiced by Chris Phillips.
  • Mr. Grumpfish is a large fish who is almost always frowning. He is voiced by Chris Phillips.
  • The crabs, lobsters and snails are background characters appearing in many episodes. They are voiced by Chris Phillips and Candi Milo.
Bubble Guppies
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