The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Dora the Explorer series.


Main characters

  • Dora is a bilingual explorer of Spanish descent. She is voiced by Kathleen Herles (seasons 1-4), Caitlin Sanchez (seasons 5-6) and Fátima Ptacek (seasons 7-8).
  • Boots is Dora's best friend, a monkey. He is voiced by Harrison Chad (seasons 1-4), Regan Mizrahi (seasons 5-6) and Koda Gursoy (season 7-8).
  • Backpack is Dora's anthropomorphic backpack. She is voiced by Sasha Toro (seasons 1-4) and Alexandria Suarez (seasons 5-8).
  • Map is a rolled-up map who provides directions for Dora and Boots. He is voiced by Marc Weiner.
  • Swiper is a sneaky fox who often causes trouble for Dora and Boots. He is voiced by Marc Weiner.
  • Tico is a Spanish-speaking squirrel. He is voiced by Muhammed Cunningham (season 1), Jose Zelaya (seasons 2-4) and Jean Carlos Celi (seasons 5-8).
  • Benny is a fun-loving, lighthearted bull. He is voiced by Jake Burbage (seasons 1-4) and Matt Gumley (seasons 5-8).
  • Isa is a friendly iguana who loves gardening. She is voiced by Ashley Fleming (seasons 1-4), Lenique Vincent (seasons 5-7) and Skai Jackson (season 8).
  • The Fiesta Trio are a miniature marching band. They are voiced by Marc Weiner.
  • Big Red Chicken is an oversized chicken and a good friend of Dora and Boots. He is voiced by Chris Gifford.
  • The Grumpy Old Troll is a riddle-telling troll who lives under a bridge. He is voiced by Chris Gifford.

Recurring characters

  • Diego is Dora's cousin. He is voiced by Felipe Dieppa (seasons 3-4), Jake Austin (season 5), Brandon Zambrano (season 6) and Jacob Medrano (seasons 7-8).
  • Señor Tucán is a Spanish-speaking toucan. He is voiced by Leslie Valdes.
  • The Explorer Stars are anthropomorphic stars that travel with Dora and Boots.
Dora the Explorer
DoraBootsBackpackMapSwiperTicoBennyIsaFiesta TrioBig Red ChickenGrumpy Old Troll

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