The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Franklin series.


Main characters

  • Franklin is a young turtle. He is voiced by Noah Reid (seasons 1-5) and Cole Caplan (season 6).
  • Bear is Franklin's best friend, who loves to eat. He is voiced by Luca Perlman (seasons 1-5) and Marc McMulkin (season 6).
  • Beaver is a bossy and confident beaver. She is voiced by Leah Cudmore.
  • Rabbit is a goofy rabbit. He is voiced by Kyle Fairlie (seasons 1-5) and Mitchell Eisner (season 6).
  • Fox is a bold and crafty fox. He is voiced by Gil Filar (seasons 1-3), Ali Mukaddam (seasons 4-5) and Stuart Landrell (season 6).
  • Goose is a timid and easily frightened goose. She is voiced by Olivia Garratt (seasons 1-5) and Vivien Endicott-Douglas (season 6).
  • Snail is a slow-moving snail who often rides on Franklin's shell. He is voiced by Kristen Bone.

Recurring characters

  • Harriet Turtle is Franklin's younger sister, introduced in the fifth season. She is voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Mr. Owl is the wise, knowledgeable teacher of Franklin and his friends. He is voiced by James Rankin.
  • Mrs. Turtle is Franklin's mother. She is voiced by Elizabeth Brown.
  • Mr. Turtle is Franklin's father. He is voiced by Richard Newman.
  • Bea Bear is Bear's younger sister. She is voiced by Susan Roman.
  • Badger is a shy friend of Franklin. She is voiced by Ruby Smith-Merovitz.