The following is a list of episodes in the Jack's Big Music Show series.


Season 1

  1. Little Bad Wolf
  2. How Mel Got His Groove Back
  3. The Music Genie
  4. The Bongo Bird
  5. Marching Band
  6. Bug Love
  7. Mel's Super Swell Dance Party
  8. Space Opera
  9. Grow Daddio
  10. The Grumpy Squirrel
  11. The Music Monster
  12. King of Swing

Season 2

  1. Snow Day
  2. Leonard the Country Squirrel
  3. Spunky the Alien
  4. Jack Bunny
  5. Phil the Coo-Coo Bird
  6. Jack's Big Oops!
  7. Jack's Big Orchestra
  8. Scat Cat
  9. Groundhog Day
  10. Jack's Super Swell Sing-Along
  11. Laurie's Big Song
  12. Mel's Bath Day
  13. Jack and the Beanstalk
  14. Silly Show
Jack's Big Music Show
JackMaryMelSchwartzman Quartet

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