The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Little Bear series.


Main characters

  • Little Bear is an adventurous bear. He is voiced by Kristin Fairlie.
  • Duck is a goofy yet clever duck. She is voiced by Tracy Ryan.
  • Owl is an intelligent owl. He is voiced by Amos Crawley.
  • Cat is a sneaky and often lazy cat. He is voiced by Andrew Sabiston.
  • Hen is a sophisticated chicken who loves cleanliness. She is voiced by Elizabeth Hanna.
  • Emily is a human friend of Little Bear. She is voiced by Jennifer Martini.

Recurring characters

  • No-Feet is an affable snake. He is voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Mother Bear is Little Bear's mother who enjoys cooking. She is voiced by Janet-Laine Green.
  • Father Bear is a fisherman and Little Bear's father. He is voiced by Dan Hennessey.
Little Bear
Little BearDuckOwlCatHenEmily

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