The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Max & Ruby series.


Main characters

  • Max is a young rabbit and Ruby's little brother. He is voiced by Billy Rosemberg (seasons 1-3) and Tyler Stevenson (seasons 4-5).
  • Ruby is Max's older sister, who thinks she knows better than him. She is voiced by Samantha Morton (seasons 1-3) and Rebecca Peters (seasons 4-5).

Recurring characters

  • Grandma is Max and Ruby's grandmother and their only regularly-appearing adult family member. She is voiced by Kay Hawtrey.
  • Louise is Ruby's clever best friend. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Morris is Louise's cousin and a friend of Max. He is voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Roger is a quiet athlete. Ruby often tries to impress him. He is voiced by Robert Hall.
  • Baby Huffington is a baby whom Ruby often babysits. He is voiced by Joshua Savage.
  • Valerie is one of Ruby's friends who wears glasses. She is voiced by Alexis Walla.
Max & Ruby

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