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The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends series.


Main characters

  • Miss Spider is the mother of the Spider children. She is voiced by Kristin Davis.
  • Squirt is a curious young spider who loves web-surfing. He is voiced by Scott Beaudin.
  • Shimmer is a strong-willed jewel beetle. She is voiced by Rebecca Brenner.
  • Dragon is a bossy and somewhat arrogant dragonfly. He is voiced by Mitchell Eisner.
  • Bounce is a fun-loving and adventurous bedbug. He is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Recurring characters

  • Holley is the children's music-loving father. He is voiced by Robert Norman Smith.
  • Spinner is a bespectacled spider. He is voiced by Austin Di Iulio (season one) and Cameron Ansell (seasons one and two).
  • Snowdrop and Pansy are two identical twin spiders. They are voiced by Alexandra Lai and Aaryn Doyle, respectively.
  • Wiggle is a shy and self-conscious blue spider. He is voiced by Marc McMulkin.
  • Spiderus is the Spider family's villainous neighbor. He is voiced by Tony Jay.
  • Ned and Ted are two troublesome ants who love food. They are voiced by Jonathon Wilson and Philip Williams, respectively.
  • Stinky is a stinkbug who tries to mask his scent with sweet-smelling flowers. He is voiced by Scott McCord.
  • Felix is a frog who refuses to eat bugs. He is voiced by Richard Binsley.
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