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The following is a list of episodes in the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends series.


Season 1

  1. I'll Fly Away / All Pupa'ed Out
  2. Bug Your Mom Day / A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch
  3. Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch / The Listening Walk
  4. Country Bug-Kin / A Star Fell on Sunny Patch
  5. A Little Slow / Stalking the Beanstalk
  6. Family Circus / Eight is Not Enough
  7. The Marin Rose / A Sticky Situation
  8. Happy Heartwood Day / Ground House Rules
  9. Fly Away Friends / Bedtime Story
  10. Sing It Sister / Ant-tuition
  11. What A Tangled Web / Cry Buggie
  12. Wiggle's Squiggles / Basketberry Blues
  13. A Scary Scary Tale / A Bug-a-Boo Day Play

Season 2

  1. Humbug / Dashing Through the Snow
  2. No-See-Um is Believin'! / A Little Bug Music
  3. Taste-Bugs / Top O'Big Tree
  4. Captain Sunny Patch / Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again
  5. The Bug Flu / A Time Telling Tale
  6. Family Tree / The Jitterbug
  7. The Thinking Stone / Big Bad Buggysitter
  8. Seeing Straight / Stumped!
  9. Eight Legs Up / Spider Mom
  10. Best Bug Buddies / Snuggle Bugs
  11. Secret Frog
  12. The Big Green Bug
  13. Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs

Season 3

  1. Fungus Among Us / Ground Bound
  2. Pitch and Itch / Bounce Back
  3. Lost and Sound / It's My Party
  4. Lulla-Bug / The Most Perfect Parent
  5. Dam the Puddle / Flower Power
  6. Snake Charmer / A Party For Pops
  7. Frog in the Moon / Moon Music and Sun Songs
  8. Giddy Up Bugs / A Plushy Parable
  9. Mr. Mocking-Bug / Odd Bug Fellows
  10. Spring Unsprung / Bumbling Bees
  11. Eclipse / Hide and Sleuth
  12. Master Mantis / Bug-Versity
  13. Bringing Up Shrubby / Stuck On You
  14. Bug Talk / The Befuddled Butterfly
  15. Good Deed Seeds / Shelley and the Brain
  16. Little Ladybug Lost / A Beetle-Ful Family
  17. Night and Day / Cob Fog
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
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