The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Oobi series.


Main characters

  • Oobi is a clever hand puppet who loves to learn and explore. He is puppeteered by Tim Lagasse.
  • Uma is Oobi's excitable younger sister. She is puppeteered by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
  • Grampu is Oobi and Uma's grandfather, who loves to cook. He is puppeteered by Tyler Bunch.
  • Kako is Oobi's best friend. He is puppeteered by Noel MacNeal.

Recurring characters

  • Inka is Oobi's piano teacher. Grampu shows affection for her in several episodes.
  • Angus is one of Oobi's friends, who is often nervous to step out of his comfort zone.
  • Mrs. Johnson is an elderly woman and one of Oobi's neighbors.
  • Maestru is a conductor who wears a bow tie.
  • Frieda is a foot whom Oobi plays with at the park on several occasions.

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