The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the PAW Patrol series.


  • Ryder is the leader of the PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Owen Mason and Elijha Hammill.
  • Marshall is the team's fire rescue pup. He is voiced by Gage Munroe and Drew Davis.
  • Rubble is a construction pup with a sweet tooth. He is voiced by Devan Cohen.
  • Chase is a serious police pup. He is voiced by Tristan Samuel and Max Calinescu.
  • Rocky is a handy recycling pup. He is voiced by Stuart Ralston and Samuel Faraci.
  • Zuma is a cool water rescue pup who often says "dude." He is voiced by Alex Thorne.
  • Skye is the PAW Patrol's aerial rescue pup. She is voiced by Kallan Holley.
  • Cap'n Turbot is the most frequent caller of the PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Ron Pardo.
  • Katie is the pups' veterinarian and groomer. She is voiced by Katherine Forrester.
  • Cali is Katie's pet cat with a big appetite. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Mayor Goodway is the mayor of Adventure Bay. She is voiced by Deann Degruijter.
  • Chickaletta is Mayor Goodway's pet chicken, who is easily startled.
  • Alex Porter is a young child in town. He is voiced by Christian DiStefano.
  • Francois is a French nature photographer. He is voiced by Peter Cugno.
  • Wally is a walrus and Cap'n Turbot's best friend, who likes to perform tricks.
  • Everest is a purple husky. She is voiced by Berkley Silverman.
  • Jake is a street-smart snowboarder. He is voiced by Scott McCord.
  • Farmer Yumi is the owner of a barn. She is voiced by Hiromi Okuyama.
  • Mr. Porter is a grocery store owner. He is voiced by Blair Williams.
PAW Patrol
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