The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the Zack & Quack series.


Main characters

  • Zack is an adventurous young boy and the leader of the pop-up gang. He is voiced by Thomas Albritton.
  • Quack is a blue duck who communicates by quacking. He is voiced by Nick Baker.

Recurring characters

  • Kira is a curly-haired girl and one of Zack and Quack's friends. She is voiced by Madison Hathaway.
  • Fluffy is a shy and cautious hedgehog. He is voiced by Jesse Ray Sheps.
  • Hop and Skip are two playful squirrel sisters. They are voiced by Maria May and Regan Lutz, respectively.
  • Belly Up is a bullfrog who often gives Zack and Quack advice. He is voiced by Colin McFarlane.
Zack & Quack

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