The following is a list of episodes in the Zack & Quack series.


  1. Pop-Up Speedway / Pop-A-Saurus Rex
  2. Super Popper / Pop-Along Cowboy
  3. Pop-Up Circus / Pop-Up Monster
  4. Pop-Up Moon Mission / Popping Hopping Hiccups
  5. The Knights of Pop-A-Lot / The Poparang 3000
  6. Pop-Up Express / Pop-Up Snowman
  7. The Popped Balloon / Pop-Up Ball Hero
  8. Pop-Up Kite Contest / The Poppy-Up Flower
  9. Pop-N-Seek Ninjas / Pop-Up Pond Pet
  10. Pop-Up Mystery / Pop to the Top
  11. The Pop-Up Easter Egg Hunt / Pop Art Festival
  12. The Legend of King Pop / The Great Pop-Up Ice Race
  13. Pop-Up Duck Vacation / Pop Idols
  14. A Poptastic Dance for Two / Quack's Birthday Bash
  15. Not So Itty Bitty Pop-Up Kitty / Pop-Up Tree House
  16. The Best Pop-Up Picnic Ever / The Pop-Up Games
  17. Pop-Up Genie / Movie Night Popcorn
  18. The Never Ending Pop-Up Adventure
  19. The Tidy Popper-Upper
  20. The Pop-Up Museum
  21. Pop-Up Pumpkin Patch / Up Popped a Spider
  22. Pop-Up Scouts / Pop-Up Parade
  23. The Pop-Up Christmas Calendar / Zack's Christmas Letter
  24. Pop-Up Skate Park / Pop Up, Up and Away!
  25. Pop-Up Camp Out / The Pop-Up Roller Coaster
  26. Where in the World is Zack's Pop-Up Watch? / Pop-Up Golf
  27. Don't Pop-Up the Pirates! / Banana Pops
  28. Pop-Up Posse to the Rescue
Zack & Quack

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