Little Bill

Little Bill Character


Little Bill Glover is the titular protagonist of Little Bill.


Little Bill is an energetic five-year-old boy with a sunny personality and an inquisitive nature. As any typical five-year-old would, Little Bill learns from the world around him, and its impact on his life. The primary lesson he learns is that even at five years old, what he does matters. His vivid imagination and fun-loving nature make him a natural leader when it comes to making up a game, or creating a fantasy to act out with his friends. He tries hard to be fair and do the right thing, but like all kids, he sometimes stumbles and has hard lessons to learn. Luckily, he always has his support network of family and friends to help him through any challenge.


Little Bill has dark skin, white eyes with black pupils and dark brown eyebrows. He normally wears a yellow shirt with a red collar, one purple sleeve, one teal sleeve and a red letter "B" on it. His pants are blue and his shoes are white, black and brown.


Little Bill appears in every episode of Little Bill. He debuted in "Just a Baby" and was last seen in "The Party Box."

Little Bill
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