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Moose A. Moose


First Appearance
April 7, 2003
Eye Color
Zee and Captain MooseBeard the Pirate
Last Appearance
February 29, 2012

Moose A. Moose was the on-air mascot of Noggin, as well as the star of Moose and Zee. He was voiced by Paul Christie.

Moose engaged his audience by curating experiences, facilitating discovery, and asking questions. As the teacher figure, he was knowledgeable and he often delivers information by asking a question. Moose is an excellent teacher, sharing in the children's enthusiasm and curiosity. His best friend is Zee, a bird. His full name, Moose A. Moose, was revealed in the Moose and Zee short, Names.

Moose last appeared on February 2012, before Nick Jr. was revamped.


Moose is yellow with brown antlers. He has a pink tongue. Moose's eyes are white with black pupils. He has a short yellow tail and two hands. Each hand has four fingers (including his thumb). He has two average-sized legs with yellow hooves.


Moose A. Moose has appeared in all Moose and Zee shorts. His first appearance was in the short, Shapes in Space. His first appearance in a short broadcast on Nick Jr. was, The Seven Singing Sea Creatures.

His famous quote is well known as "Terrific!".

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