Nick Jr. Puppies is an American short-form children's television series originally airing on Nickelodeon. The series premiered on March 2, 2015.


Voice-over artists narrate a group of young dogs' experiences in the canine-inhabited world of Puppy Town.


  • CJ - A golden retriever who enjoys stereotypical dog

activities, such as playing fetch, eating a large amount of kibble at snack time and being petted.

  • Jessie - A black-and-orange spaniel who is often seen in dog

costumes. She is commonly seen chewing a blue spherical chew toy. In two shorts, she dresses up as "Super Pup," a pink superhero.

  • Reggie - A black-colored pug who enjoys being read stories.

She is somewhat shy and lethargic at times, but when she has enough energy, Reggie can be as talkative as the other puppies.

  • Others - Other dogs seen in the shorts include Pepper (a

black-colored dog who helps out with art projects), Stella (a tan-colored nervous pug), and two bulldogs named Captain Tater Tot and Buddy.


Twenty-four shorts have been produced as of January 2016.


  • Meet CJ - CJ the golden retriever is introduced to the audience by a human visitor.
  • Meet Jessie[4] - Jessie the spaniel introduces herself.
  • Meet Reggie[5] - Reggie falls asleep while being introduced.
  • Meet Noodles[1] - The dogs are introduced to a pup named Noodles.
  • Best Friends[6] - Stella wonders if she can be friends with a larger dog named Pete.
  • Snack Time[7] - CJ realizes that every puppy in Puppy Town eats dog food for lunch.
  • Story Time with the Pups[8] - CJ cannot decide between two books.
  • Gym Class[9] - Jessie chases her chew toy as CJ plays tag.
  • Nap Time[10] - Frankie the dog is kept awake by a loud puppy.
  • Class Pictures[11] - The puppies worry about various problems during their photo shoot.
  • Dress Up[12] - CJ, Jessie and Reggie dress up as Nickelodeon characters.
  • Art Class with Pepper[13] - A human visitor draws a portrait of Pepper.
  • Story Time with Reggie[14] - Reggie reads a book titled Max Goes to the Park.
  • Come on Down to Puppy Town[15] - The dogs star in a music video about Puppy Town.
  • Ready to Run[16] - A runner pup tries to find his running hat.
  • Puppy Town Tourists[17] - Two tourist dogs have trouble deciding where to go in Puppy Town.
  • The Farmer's Market[18] - The pups try to figure out which vegetables are the best.
  • Doggy Department Store[19] - A pup shopowner tells viewers about his department store in Puppy Town.
  • Dogs of Summer[20] - The pups enjoy the hot sun.
  • Beach[21] - The dogs visit the beach.
  • Surf's Up[22] - The dogs try surfing.
  • My Chair[23] - A pup must decide between sunbathing or eating ice cream.
  • It's How You Get There[24] - The dogs travel across the globe.
  • Where Are You Going?[25] - The pups ask each other about their whereabouts.


On February 23, 2015, several Nick Jr. Puppies shorts were made available on as a sneak preview of the show.[26] It made its television debut on March 2, 2015, as part of Nickelodeon's "Puppy Preschool" week-long event (which also showcased new episodes of PAW Patrol and the pilot of the Mutt & Stuff television series). An Italian-dubbed version of the series aired on Nick Jr. Italy for several weeks in December 2015.

Advertisements for the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards included Buddy the bulldog, a character from Nick Jr. Puppies.