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Phred on Your Head Show

Phred on Your Head Show Noggin Logo

Children's television series
Created by
Original run
February 2, 1999 – March 31, 2002

Phred on Your Head Show is an American children's television series originally airing on Noggin.


Phred, the former mascot for "Phantastic Pickles," hosts his very own TV series showcasing other Noggin productions.


  • Phred is the series' green-colored host, who insists that he is "not a pickle." He is voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Big Voice is the announcer of the show. He is never seen in person, and is voiced by Doug Preis.
  • The crew is a group of various humans who help Phred with his show.

Recurring segments

  • Opening Prologue - Phred's backstory is explained in this segment. It describes how he was a mascot for the fictional pickle distributor, Phantastic Pickles, until his pickle jar rolled off of a supermarket shelf and set him free (causing him to search for a place to think, which resulted in him choosing the dot of
  • Featured Content - Episodes or segments of various Noggin programs are presented.
  • Theme Song - A stop-motion theme song (designed by Tricky Pictures) plays.
  • Phred's Got Mail - Phred reads fan mail.
  • Cecile and Her Very Own Universe - An animated three-minute segment produced exclusively for the show.
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