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The fairytale detective SANDRA and her assistant FO travel into the story of the "Steadfast Tin Soldier, having been called out by the soldier's toy companions. SANDRA, who has always dreamt of changing this story's tragic ending, hopes she will be able to prevent the Soldier and the Ballerina from being thrown into the fire. But, once they arrive in the toys' room, it does not take SANDRA long to realise that her mission is going to be very difficult indeed. The evil JACK-IN-THE-BOX has taken the SOLDIER prisoner and threatens to melt him down into a useless lump of tin if the BALLERINA does not agree to marry him. SANDRA and FO travel into the tale of "Jack and the Beanstalk, having been called out by Jack's mother. Her son climbed up a giant beanstalk going from the garden up into the clouds, and has not returned. The fairytale detective and her assistant set off on the tracks of the missing boy and climb up into the strange world of the giants, above the clouds.


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