Team Umizoomi

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Children's Television Series
Country of Origin
United States
Milli, Geo, and Bot
Original Run
January 25, 2010 – present

Team Umizoomi is an American TV show that begun at January 25, 2010.


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Milli; Voiced by Sophia Fox Season 2 and present Madeline Rose Yen Season 1

A six-year old girl [1] that is the team's pattern and measurement expert. She has a magical dress that has the power to fix broken patterns and create new ones out of thin air. Her ponytails can grow to become a ruler, thermometer, or any other measurement based on her need She Appears From Milli on October 3 2015 (Disney's The Little Mermiad).

Geo; Voiced by Ethan Kempner season 1, 2,3 Juan Mirt Season 4

Milli's brother, Geo, is the team's shape expert and can build anything with his Shape Belt. With his Super Skates, Geo zooms anywhere around Umi City.
Geo may be five or six years old because he has no known age.

Bot; Voiced by Donovan Patton 

Equipped with gadgets and gizmos, Bot is everybody's best friend. He is a mechanical marvel who loves to sing and dance. He can show anything in his Belly Belly Belly Screen.  


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