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The URL with Phred Show

The URL with Phred Show Logo

Children's television series
Created by
Original run
September 10, 2001 - March 31, 2002

The URL with Phred Show is an American children's television series originally airing on Noggin.


Phred hosts a televised art showcase in between showings of other Noggin programs.


The majority of the characters have the same roles and appearances as they did in the predecessor. Skengle and Skengle are the only new additions to the cast.

  • Phred is the series' green-colored host, who insists that he is "not a pickle." He is voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Big Voice is the announcer of the show. He is never seen in person, and is voiced by Doug Preis.
  • The crew is a group of various humans who help Phred with his show.
  • Skengle and Skengle are two aliens with the same name.

Recurring segments

  • Selected content - Phred introduces one of two Noggin programs: Cro or Doug.
  • selections - Data such as high scores for videogames on airs along with the focused content.
Phred on Your Head ShowThe URL with Phred Show
PhredBig Voice

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