On September 2nd, 2003 at 9AM Eastern Time, Nick Jr launched its Playalong season with graphics and music, along with its 2-hour Playalong block that Nick Jr has to offer, but not only in New York, but across the USA, Nick Jr's Playalong season was a huge success and our big preschool audience have tuned in to Nick Jr for the best shows for preschoolers and the live playalong block that keeps playing alot and serves anything but preschool, that's why Nick Jr was a programming block on Nickelodeon, including Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, Go Diego Go, and many others that agreed to everyone have a great time, and as Nick Jr rebrands in October 2004 with Piper O'Possum, it was gone and live forever, and most of you here at Nick Jr have to bring back the 2003-04 season for your preschooler and to our parents who watch us over the past few years have a big time for us to bring it back for the new audience for preschoolers and their parents, and otherwise, Nick Jr is still The Smart Place to Play, we're bringing back our commercial-free environment, and NickMom will become a 24-hour digital cable/satellite network in January, so Nick Jr will continue to provide commercial-free preschool programming for the little ones ages 2 to 6, along with original programming and short features for the preschoolers you want to see, well, we have official as the ratings are going up once again, Nick Jr will bring back the 2003-04 season starting January 2013 along with the return of former Nick Jr programs and Nick Jr's Play Along which will be once again co-hosted by Travis Guba (Zach), Hillary Hawkins (Robyn), The Feetbeats, and the new look Lilly, all part of Nick Jr's return of its commercial-free environment.

Also, the new Nick Jr will introduce 2 new Feetbeats puppets named Greeny, a green female zerba, and Daisy, a red and yellow male lion in addition to the 4 feetbeats: Pinky, Lefty, Tube, and Smelly.

Along with 2 new Feetbeats, starting in January 2013, the Little Creatures puppets will get their own half-hour show on Nick Jr called "Little Creatures and Friends" which will offer the adventures of all the Little Creatures puppets and it will co-produced by Nick Jr and Sesame Workshop.

Also included are 13 new shows coming your way also in January 2013 on Nick Jr, there are "The Shiny Show", "The Roly Mo Show", "Fimbles", "In The Night Garden" (which was last seen on The Hub), "Blue and Pals", "Animal Jam", "The Little Ducks", "Rubberdubbers" (which was last seen on PBS Kids Sprout), the commercial-free kid-friendly version of "NickMom Night Out", "Dora's Explorer Girls", "NiNi's Treehouse", "The Big Time with Holly", and "Raggs Kids Club Band".

And also, Nick Jr's 1994-2004 mascot Face will make its return on television in his hybird 1994-2003/2003-04 style introducing programming on the Nick Jr channel.

And brand new to the Nick Jr channel, we will launch a nighttime block for both kids and parents. It's called "Nick Jr. Bedtime". A block will air nightly from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Eastern and will consist shows like Max and Ruby, Oswald, Jack's Big Music Show, Oobi, Blue's Clues, Pocoyo, Little Bill, Little Bear, Blue's Room, and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. It will have two puppet hosts named Holly (a female bunny; which will also host The Big Time with Holly) and Starfall (a dog) alongside the Feetbeats, 15-second promotional spots, tips on sleeping, brushing your teeth (etc.) and short-form programming. Nick Jr. Bedtime is meant for families to calm down after a long day of playing. It will compete with Sprout's The Good Night Show and Disney Junior's Night Light.

And as Nick Jr is returning to commercial-free status in January, we will debut new re-created 3D graphics from the 2003-04 season along with new voiceover announcers such as Mitch Craig, Jim Culter, Scott Chapin, Charlie Van Dyke, Roger Thompson, Doug Paul, Beau Weaver, and the channel's current female promo voice.

Also, Nick Jr will begin using VDS and CGS graphics for live local news, traffic, weather, sports, business, elections, lottery, live cameras, and what's on the channel along with other cable networks today or tonight, directing from VDS' GameTrak Channel, NewsTicker Suite, and Promotor, along with CGS' NewsChief HD, ScoresNow, WxDataCaster, LogoFX, CloseNow, Mercury, and ELECTIONDAY, and send it to the cable headend through the cable and satellite providers that receive Nick Jr via the C-band satellite.

And by the way, Nick Jr will no longer air limited advertising on December 31st, 2012 due to being reverted to commercial-free status and also NickMom will go 24/7 as a seperate digital cable/satellite channel on January 6th, 2013 as well.

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