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  • RRabbit42

    Adopting the wiki

    February 26, 2015 by RRabbit42

    At the moment, not much is happening on this wiki. There's a few people making edits here and there, but most of the activity is coming from people who are here only to cause problems.

    The wiki has been eligible to be adopted for several years now. So it's just waiting for someone to step up and get things started again. I'd like to see someone else adopt this wiki, but if no one does, I will.

    In order to adopt it, you have to put quite a bit of work into cleaning it up and improving it. I can't do that right now, and to be honest, my reason for adopting it would be just to be a caretaker. I've done that many times before and I would prefer not to do that again if I don't have to.

    I'll check back in a few months and see if we have any likely …

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  • RRabbit42

    Meet Dora at Macy's

    September 27, 2013 by RRabbit42

    As part of their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy's is holding special events at their stores between September 20 and October 5, 2013. Some of the events are appearances by a "virtual" version of Latina superstar Thalía and the others are appearances by Dora the Explorer.

    At the events with Thalía, there will be a fashion show inspired by her, singing alongside a virtual version of Thalía, and more. People who attend that spend $25 or more for "women's purchases" will get a copy of Thalía's album, Habitame Siempre and a DVD entitled Habitame Siempre - Edicion Especial. Two of the events also have special websites for making reservations, with one of them being due to limited seating.

    Dora's visits are limited to the first 200 fans,…

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