As part of their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy's is holding special events at their stores between September 20 and October 5, 2013. Some of the events are appearances by a "virtual" version of Latina superstar Thalía and the others are appearances by Dora the Explorer.

At the events with Thalía, there will be a fashion show inspired by her, singing alongside a virtual version of Thalía, and more. People who attend that spend $25 or more for "women's purchases" will get a copy of Thalía's album, Habitame Siempre and a DVD entitled Habitame Siempre - Edicion Especial. Two of the events also have special websites for making reservations, with one of them being due to limited seating.

Dora's visits are limited to the first 200 fans, and they will get to take their picutre with her. You need to bring your own camera, though. Afterwards, it's a special reading of "Dora's Chilly Day" and decorating your own backpack at a kids craft station. A purchase of $25 or more of Dora merchandise will earn you a Dora fun pack.

The schedule is below, but you can view it on the Macy's Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month website. In the "Dora the Explorer" section, they also have some videos like "Meet the Voice of Dora" and a music video by Thalía and Dora. There's also some snack recipies and a coloring pack that can be downloaded. The main Dora website is over on Nick Jr.

Even though some of these events have already passed, I am going to include the full list. Also, the ad in the newspaper said that they won't be signing any personal memorabilia and you have to make the $25 or more purchase while you're there.

If you happen to go, let us know how it was and maybe we can get a bit more advance notice for when this comes around again next year.

Thalía's fashion show
Date & Time Store Location Notes
9/21/2013, 2pm Macy's Santa Ana, Santa Ana, CA Level 2  
9/26/2013, 6pm Macy's Herald Square, New York City, NY INC on 3  
9/28/2013, 2pm Macy's Newport Center, Jersey City, NJ Main Floor  
10/2/2013, 5:30pm Macy's on State Street, Chicago, IL Level 7 In the Narcissus Room with limited seating. Reservations recommended.
10/5/2013, 2pm Macy's Dadeland, Miami, FL Level 2  
10/5/2013, 2pm Macy's Cielo Vista, El Paso, TX Level 2  
10/10/2013, 6pm Macy's Union Square, San Francisco, CA Level 3 Reservations available.

Meet Dora the Explorer
Date & Time Store Location
9/21/2013, 2pm Macy's Santa Ana, Santa Ana, CA Level 2
9/20/2013, 5pm Macy's West Covina, West Covina, CA Kids on 2
9/20/2013, 5pm Macy's Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale, AZ Kids on 2
9/21/2013, 2pm Macy's Valley Fair, Santa Clara, CA Kids Department
9/28/2013, 2pm Macy's Queens Center, Queens, NY Kids on 3
9/28/2013, 2pm Macy's Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA * Kids Department
10/5/2013, 3pm Macy's Miamia International, Miami, FL ** Level 2
10/5/2013, 2pm Macy's Lennox Square, Atlanta, GA Lower Level
10/5/2013, 2pm Macy's Cielo Vista, El Paso, TX Kids on 2
10/5/2013, 2pm Macy's Gurnee Mills, Gurnee, IL Kids on 1
10/6/2013, 2pm Macy's La Plaz, McAllen, TX Kids on 2 (Home Store)
10/12/2013, 2pm Macy's Roseville Galleria, Sacramento, CA Kids Department

* This event is listed for Seattle, but it is in Bellevue.
** This event is listed as meeting Diego, but the rest is about Dora, so this is probably a typo on the website.

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